Türkiye BlueMissionMed National HUB in action! 

Türkiye BlueMissionMed National HUB in action!

Mobilising stakeholders from Türkiye towards the implementation of transformative innovative solutions for the EU Mission Ocean and Waters within the Mediterranean basin. 

Date: 10 June 2024 
Language: TR – ING  
Format: Online 
Organiser: METU Institute of Marine Sciences 

Event Agenda is available here! 

The “Türkiye BlueMissionMed HUB in Action event was organised by Türkiye Hub focal point METU Institute of Marine Sciences on 10 June 2024. At the workshop that aimed to mobilise stakeholders from Türkiye towards the implementation of transformative innovative solutions for clean seas and oceans. 60 stakeholders from Research & Innovation, Public Authorities (local, regional, national); Civil Society; Industry and Business came together 

At this 2nd Türkiye BlueMissionMed HUB event, different transformative innovative solutions (ITSs) from international projects, initiatives and programmes focusing on reducing and preventing pollution were presented. After listening to all these inspiring and game changer solutions, interactive discussions with participants took place to foster debate among different types of stakeholders and gain a better understanding of the level of interest, opportunities and needs to apply these solutions in cities, regions and national levels.  

The workshop started with the opening speeches of Türkiye BlueMissionMed HUB representatives Mustafa YUCEL and Baris SALIHOGLU from METU IMS and continued with the “Showcase of National and International Mediterranean Practices Towards “Prevention and Elimination of Pollution” session, presenting six different solutions developed under EU Mission Ocean: SOSZEROPOL2023, iMermaid, UPSTREAM, RHE-MEDiation, Plastic Smart Cities, and Operation Clean Sweep 

The session started with the presentation of Thomais VLACHOGIANNI from MIO-ECDE, on developing a holistic zero pollution framework under SOSZEROPOL2030. This holistic framework, as ITSs is co-developed by conducting an interdisciplinary problem analysis, formulation of future scenarios and identification of short and long-term measures to achieve zero pollution. Creating this comprehensive policy framework is aimed at guiding to better understanding of the barriers that compromise successful marine pollution management and stakeholder participation in Europe to identify appropriate intervention points, measures and actions that can support a blue-green transition with a focus on human behaviour, socio-economics and governance. 

After listening to this policy-level solution, Abhilash VENKATESHAIAH from EDEN TECH, provided three different technologies called AKVO, ASCANDRA and Analyzer used for micropollutant degradation, microplastic removal and microplastic monitoring respectively under Mission Ocean implementing EU projects iMermaid, UPSTREAM and SUNDANSE 

Following these solutions, the section continued with the presentation of Mehmet DİLAVER from TÜBİTAK MAM. Mr Dilaver shared chemical pollution remediation technologies based on micro-algae solutions used under the RHE-MEDiation project. The solution involves the development of adaptable and easily reproducible microalgae-based technology plants, specifically designed to mitigate heavy metals, PAHs, PFAS, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides in polluted water, sediments, and wastewater. The solution is currently being demonstrated at three sites including Türkiye.  

The fifth solution was co-shared by Plastic Smart Cities İzmir Pilot Site representatives Tolga YUCEL from WWF Türkiye and Kemal KILIC, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. While Mr YUCEL shared the initiative, of how cities can be part of this solution, Mr KILIÇ shared the City Action Plan and good practices in waste management from their pilot site.  

Lastly, Nagihan KUL from PAGEV Foundation presented the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) programme and Türkiye applications on the Certification Programme, Training and Awareness on plastic waste to enterprises and other sectors. OCS is an industry-led and voluntary free program designed to prevent the loss of plastic pellets, flakes, and powders during handling by companies in the plastics value chain and their release into the environment so that plastics industry representatives can be part of it for sustainable futures.  

The “Mobilisation and Mutual Learning” session took place in the second half of the workshop, moderated by Ezgi SAHIN and Pinar UYGURER from METU IMS. The session aimed to engage participants to act on the outcomes of tailored transformative solutions for the Oceans and Waters subscription. The outcomes of this exercise will support the co-create regional implementation roadmaps.