What are the 7 BlueMissionMed HUBs?

To complement BlueMissionMed activities at Mediterranean level, 7 National and Regional HUBs have been established. The HUBs are Territorial Multistakeholder Communities which implement the activities and priorities of BlueMissionMed. Their core role is to facilitate and support individuals and organizations willing to contribute to achieving the objectives of the project.

By operating at both national and regional scales, the HUBs create a connected net of actors, experts, and institutions, facilitating knowledge exchange and playing a pivotal role in providing them with the necessary content and expertise, empowering participants to develop and implement their ideas effectively in alignment with the overarching Mission Restore Our Ocean and Waters.

Get in contact with the 7 HUBs!

Are you from a Country not represented among the HUB list?

Contact info@bluemissionmed.eu to join the community!

Future HUBs implementation is in progress.

The 7 HUBs are key component of the BMM Governance

The 7 National and Regional HUBs are integral components of the BMM governance structure. They serve as catalysts for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and coordinated action, contributing significantly to the collective effort to safeguard the Mediterranean from pollution. Through these HUBs, BlueMissionMed transforms ideas into impactful initiatives, creating a lasting legacy for a cleaner and healthier Mediterranean.

These HUBs leverage, connect, and structure existing initiatives and activities, disseminating and amplifying solutions while mobilizing relevant actors.

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