First BlueMissionMed Press Release

First BlueMissionMed Press Release

Preventing and eliminating pollution in the Mediterranean Sea and waters: take a role with BlueMissionMed!

Rome, 28/02/2023 – The BlueMissionMed project is starting its activities after the kick-off last month. Funded by the European Commission as a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) and coordinated by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR, this three-year project aims at development and deployment of transformative innovative solutions in all forms (technological, social, business, governance) to prevent and eliminate the pollution of Mediterranean waters.

“Mediterranean Sea accounts for about 7,5% of the world marine biodiversity, 15% of the global maritime traffic and 20% of the global Gross Marine Product, however it is one of the most polluted sea in Europe. Mediterranean Sea environmental status represents a high priority in the political agenda of the European Union.” says Fabio Fava (UniBo Professor and Affiliated CNR), BlueMissionMed project coordinator.

As stated by John Bell, the Director of Healthy Planet, DG Research & Innovation, during the first EU Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters Annual Forum: “If we are to make peace with nature and aspire to a Blue Union we need a new relationship with the water systems. We are no longer observers, but actors. Mission Ocean mobilises all parts of society”.

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