Tunisian BlueMissionMed National HUB in action!

Mobilising Tunisian stakeholders to implement innovative and transformative solutions for the EU Mission for Oceans and Waters in the Mediterranean Basin

21 May 2024 from 14.00 to 16.30 local time (from 15.00 to 17.30 CEST), El Mechtel Tunis

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Agenda available here

The BlueMissionMed Tunisian National HUBs in Action event, scheduled for May 21st, 2024, aimed at Tunisian stakeholders towards the realization of innovative solutions for the EU Mission Ocean and Waters within the Mediterranean basin. This gathering serves as a pivotal platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange, facilitated by the BlueMissionMed project, which is dedicated to supporting the EU’s mission to restore our ocean and waters.

Throughout the event, participants will delve into a diverse array of engaging sessions, exploring transformative solutions meticulously aligned with the EU Zero Pollution Hierarchy. These solutions target the pressing need for tackling Marine Litter in Industrial activities (discharge of heavy metals, plastic granules), Fishing – in particular plastic waste (nets, lines and, more generally, fishing equipment) Domestic pollution and pollution linked to tourism. By showcasing selected solutions, the event fosters meaningful dialogue and feedback, aiming to propel these innovations towards effective implementation.

The event will feature solutions from prominent organizations such as REMOVE Tech, PE-X, SEARCULAR, Recycle of ALDFG into new fishing gear, AZTI, Zero plastic Certification, SAVE THE MED and FISH chitinolytic biowastes FOR FISH active and sustainable packaging material, each offering unique approaches to address pollution challenges in marine and coastal environments.

Furthermore, the agenda includes a mobilization and mutual learning session, where stakeholders will engage in interactive debates to explore questions regarding the feasibility, barriers, opportunities, and necessary support for successful solution implementation.

In essence, the BlueMissionMed Tunisian National HUBs in Action event promises to be a dynamic forum for collaboration and progress, steering us towards a collective endeavour to safeguard our precious marine ecosystems.

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